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Join Mark Hanna,  for 2 hours each week, when he and his Giant Jukebox play the best music of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Mark has been playing the tunes of these decades since he was in college. He has been on the radio, a mobile DJ, and since, 2006, on the Internet with his show, “JUKEBOX GOLD.”

In addition to the songs, each show has retro Jingles and special features, such as: A Motown Memory, A Trip to the Psychedelic 60s, The Sound of Philadelphia, No Words, Just Music, and more!

The show is available by our Dropbox account each Wednesday AEST for broadcast on the Saturday of that week if you wish.


BACK TO THE 70's with Kevin Larkin is an hour long journey back in time. Reliving the music and memories that defined the 1970's. Each episode includes special features like a Disco Flashback, a Meltdown Song, a 70's TV Tune and more! 

Kevin has been behind the mic since the 70's working in radio, a nightclub DJ and mobile DJ and loves sharing the music. 
 The show is uploaded each Sunday for airing the following week. Back To The 70's is available in 2 segments or as 1 complete episode of approximately 58 minutes.

                                          Kevin will upload his programme onto Dropbox each Sunday US time.